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Tuition by a friendly and engaging full time private tutor, with unparalleled academic qualifications, exceptional teaching ability and a wealth of experience. Over 4000 hours of tutorials given and counting.

“Without a doubt Andrew was the sole reason I passed my resit, he was the difference between 28% and 72%, from a fail to a 1st.  I will most definitely be using him again come 2nd year!”

– Kyle, Mathematics module for 1st year engineering degree, achieved in 6 one hour lessons (and homework!)

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“Andrew has been tutoring our daughter in physics for a year now and her confidence and grades have improved dramatically. Andrew is always prepared, punctual and raring to go. He is very passionate about his subject. I can strongly recommend him.”

– Charlotte, A-Level Physics (new specification)

Hello! I’m a full time professional tutor of physics, maths and chemistry. Why these 3 subjects? The answer is I only teach what I know inside out, and I know maths, physics and chemistry inside out, forwards and backwards. That’s because of the crazy amount of learning I’ve done at university (check out my academic record on the ‘Your Tutor’ page). I also have a genuine talent for explaining things to pupils of all ages and abilities. If you have regular sessions with me I will do my utmost to help rapidly increase your ability, confidence and exam readiness as much as I can. I spend time when I’m not teaching thinking of better ways to explain difficult topics, organising information and making them available to my pupils, and continually testing and assessing their progress. I don’t have another job to distract me. This is all I do, and along with the sheer volume of tutorials I have taught is the reason why I’m so good at it. For more proof check out my genuine reviews, or better still book a free trial tutorial with no commitment.

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