Lessons take place at the same day and time each week.
Temporary changes can of course be made for the odd week, but most of the lessons will take place at your scheduled day/time slot.
If you need to permanently change your scheduled slot, I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

To change the timing or cancel one lesson, email, call or text me (I always get in touch as soon as I can).
The time of when you send this message will be used to determine the cancellation fee, not when I read it.
So don’t worry if I don’t get back in touch straight away, I’m probably busy and you will never be penalised for that.


To be made by bank transfer to my bank account.
Account details given when first lesson is arranged.
After the free trial lesson, payment to be made in advance in blocks of 4 lessons or more.

Contact Details:



£60 per hour.

Frequency of lessons: 1 hour a week or more.

Most students require one hour long lesson a week with me, or more, to not only understand the material, but to learn how to apply that knowledge to different situations and questions. Also the exam techniques I teach take time to perfect. If there were simple methods to getting high grades, by now everyone would know about them.
I realise some weeks you are going to have other commitments, be ill, or on holiday, but we should be having at least a lesson a week outside of major commitments/illnesses etc.
If on the other hand, you need intense tutoring for just a few weeks, please get in touch and I will be as accommodating as possible to help you out.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

If given at least 2 hours notice, no charge.
Less than 2 hours notice: £60.