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The questions in the ‘by topic questions’ sheets, are just from past exam papers.
With these, and with past papers based on the old specification (i.e. most of them!), there is always a small chance it is based on material that isn’t covered in the new specification.
Also in the new syllabus there are a few new bits.

The document ‘9 changes in new 2015 specification.pdf’ outlines all of the differences by section number.
The new spec is called 1 spec.pdf.
All the old papers 2009-2016 use the ‘9 spec old 2014-15.pdf’ topics. The 2009-14 spec had a different exam structure, but examined exactly the same material as the 2014-15 one, so you’re safe to use the 2014-15 spec to see what was in all the old style papers.

Significant changes to the current AQA A-level Chemistry Specification
Time of Flight mass spectrometry replaces the older technique and fragmentation of molecular ions has been deleted.
Metal extraction has been deleted.
Transition metal chemistry has been modified and reduced.
The section on proteins has been expanded to include more on structure and drug action.
The structure of and bonding in DNA have been introduced and the connection to cancer treatment. Chromatography has been extended with introductions to thin layer (TLC) and gas (GC).
The equilibrium constant Kc has been moved to the first year of A-level and the co-teachable AS.
Kp has been reintroduced to A-level.
The Arrhenius equation has been added to the Rate equations section.