Reviews from past students

Charlotte, A-level physics

Andrew has been tutoring our daughter in physics for a year now and her confidence and grades have improved dramatically. Andrew is always prepared, punctual and raring to go, and he is very passionate about his subject. I can strongly recommend him.

Elizabeth, A-level chemistry

Andrew is absolutely fantastic and we would recommend without hesitation! He is extremely well prepared and offers in depth tutorials, explaining everything in a way you can understand.

My daughter`s confidence has really grown in A Level chemistry since she has began working with Andrew.

Justine, A-level maths

Andrew has been helping our son with Maths tuition in preparation for his GCSEs ,our son has made significant improvements in areas that he was struggling with. Andrew's expertise in explaining to him the different ways to work out questions and explain in detail how he should work out has improved our son's ability and confidence greatly.

We are delighted with the quality of tuition and would highly recommend Andrew for tutoring.

Kyle, Engineering Mathematics, 1st year Engineering Degree

Andrew was invaluable during the lead up to my university resit for engineering mathematics. He explains everything exceedingly well, making sure to start with a solid foundation and build upon it (Which for maths, is not only important but very useful!)

He had a saying while I worked with him which was "You can`t just memorise maths, you have to understand it so you can apply the rules to any problem" and it worked!)

His teaching skill is very hands on, and he most definitely puts you in at the deep end when he thinks your ready for a push, but during times I found myself lagging he stepped things back a bit so we could relearn some fundamentals and then progress again from there.

The level of support he gives each of his students is unheard of, during my first lesson he turned up with all my past exam print outs, an entire folder full of revision material - and this was all structured into a 6 week plan of attack for my exam in August.

Without a doubt Andrew was the sole reason I passed my resit, and for everyone wondering he was the difference between 28% and 72% (from a fail to a 1st)

I will most definitely be using him again come 2nd year!

Ryan, A-level chemistry and physics

Excellent - Made a real positive difference to my sons' A Level results - fully recommended.

Suzy, A-level physics

Andrew is extremely good at keeping me engaged in my lessons, which is difficult to do - hats off to him - when it is a two hour lesson and it is easy to lose focus.

He has a very unique and effective teaching method which is very interactive as he takes me through various concepts.

He is kind and good humoured, which creates a comfortable environment to work in. Best of all, he is clearly passionate about what he teaches, which goes a long way in teaching as this gives him the ability to make the subject more interesting.

Jack, A-level chemistry

Andrew comes at learning from a different angle to the teaching at my son's school. His approach seems to be complimenting, rather than contradicting, the school learning and is increasing my son's understanding of chemisty and what's required to acheive a top grade. Highly recommended.

Daisy, A-level Chemistry

Andrew's style of teaching and attitude is excellent and allowed me to achieve more than I ever could of without his help. I was able to improve by three grades at A level chemistry in a year, getting an A in my end results.

Andrew is a great tutor, he keeps all the sessions focused and progression can be seen after every lesson. Thank you!

Rioghan, AS-level Physics

Dr Lawson was a fantastic tutor through my AS level year. He was always punctual and let us know well in advance on the rare occasion he couldn't make it to the lesson.

I also found that he explained difficult concepts clearly and was happy to help with and past papers or homework I was stuck on. Thank you Dr Lawson!!!

Daniel, A-Level physics and maths

Thank you for the tutoring and changing the way I think about the world. I'll never forget your unique methods and fantastic analogies.

Vicki, A-level chemistry

Thank you so much for all the support you have offered Vicki in the last few months. Vicki thinks you're a fantastic tutor.

Caleb, A-Level physics

Thoroughly recommend Andrew . Built up my sons confidence and plugged all the gaps in his knowledge. His expected grade was a C in September and he has just achieved an A grade in his exam.

Patrick, A-level maths

Thank you very much for all the help with maths, it made it all so much easier.

name withheld, A-level Chemistry

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I've really appreciated it! Also thank you for dealing with my constant breakdowns!