Who am i?

A Cambridge graduate, member of the Institute of Physics, & full-time tutor with over 4000 hours of tutorials given. I have two separate full degrees, two full masters and a PhD in computational quantum chemistry/physics. I love teaching, and when I'm not giving tutorials I spend a lot of time creating resources to help my students, and thinking about ways to help each one get the best result they can in their exams. Each student gets access to an online repository of information, such as past papers and mark schemes, revision techniques, current specifications for their A-level and exam board, information on which past papers questions are no longer relevant to their new specification, and much more.

By focusing on only GCSE maths and A-level maths, physics and chemistry, I get the opportunity to know every single part of the specification for your exam board. I will know every detail of what you do and don't need to know, and will have taught every topic and option many times to pupils of all abilities. Every tutorial I give is focused on getting you the best grade in your exam, and this means you have to approach each exam board differently. This takes significant time and preparation to do properly.

I have loved maths, science and computing from a very early age. At school (Royal Grammar School, Newcastle Upon Tyne) I ran the Astronomy Society, and won the general science prize and physics prize in my A-level years.

My first degree and masters was in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. The options I took were mainly physics based (mainly theoretical physics and astrophysics).

My second degree and masters was in Chemistry at Newcastle University. It was here where I discovered my passion for teaching. I would regularly be asked for help from the other students, and found not only did I enjoy it, but was always able to help them understand topics they were having problems with.

After this I did a PhD at Newcastle University in computational quantum chemistry/physics. It was here where I found myself teaching regularly, helping not only the other PhD students in my department, but also assisting the lecturers in teaching students who were doing degrees. For some parts of the degree course I would also assist in the creation of the exam questions, and quite often do all the marking myself. I realised that although I loved my research, I loved teaching even more and decided after my PhD, to become a full time private tutor.

Teaching Experience

I have taught thousands of hours of one to one, face to face and online tutorials, as this has been my full time occupation for a number of years. This makes me ideally suited for one to one tuition. I do not have another job or any research to distract me. You will be hiring a full time dedicated professional.

My deep understanding of maths, physics and chemistry allows me to explain each topic clearly, simply and in a number of different ways - I will always be able to find a way of explaining something to you so that you finally 'get it'.

I have set exam questions and marking schemes, and marked thousands of pieces of assessed coursework and exams. This allows me to know what examiners look for in answers, which helps with teaching students how to answer the 'essay' or 'sentence based' questions, which many students of Chemistry and Physics A-levels struggle with. This also allows me to teach students how to approach revision, and how to present answers on the exam paper, which is especially important for Maths. Many marks are lost in maths due to careless mistakes, and I have developed techniques to minimise lost marks from this area.

My approach to tutoring

I am patient, friendly, fun, and genuinely love what I do, and seeing students happy when they improve their marks, or finally understand something they never could before is something I never tire of. I get really good feedback from students who tell me they really enjoy my tutorials and look forward to them.

Doing one to one tutoring full time allows me to devote many many hours to thinking about each student I teach, and offer a personalised approach for each one. Some need help extra with a particular topic, some have poor exam technique or get extremely nervous (in which case one of the primary goals would be to increase their confidence). I will quickly understand the way you learn, and what you find easy/difficult, and adjust my tutorials to help you get the most out of our time together.

I do have some techniques I use for everyone, such as making sure every tutorial is interactive, with the student answering small questions regularly so I know they have understood what I have said, and to keep them engaged. We will also go through past exam questions from your exam board.

I cover A-levels for all exam boards, such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR. I cover all the different specifications such as OCR A, B and MEI, and the new practical/data analysis questions in chemistry and physics. I cover both mechanics and statistics for maths, and of course follow the new A-level specification.

I follow the specification for your exam board to the letter. You will be taught everything you need to know, and nothing you do not. I have done every past paper question for all the main exam boards back to before 2010 (many times!) so I know exactly how the exams are structured, what the questions usually cover, and how to use this so you get the most marks in the exams using the time you have available. This preparation takes a lot of time, and is part of my job as a full time tutor.

I have my own revision system I have devised that is extremely effective, it only takes 5 minutes to explain and helps take pupils from understanding the material, to being able to answer exam questions on the material. This is one of the most common problems I encounter - students have spend hours and hours making notes, learning the material, but cannot apply this knowledge when they attempt questions. This is because applying knowledge is a different skill from simply learning knowledge, and I teach all my students how to do both.